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Audition Results – 1st Round All-State Choir 2015

Congratulations to all!

There is a $12.00 audition fee for 2nd round.  This is due to teachers right away.

Soprano 1 Morgan Watts Hammond
  Alexis Theriot St. Thomas Aquinas
  Hannah Rice Fontainebleau
  Chloe Russo Mandeville
  Emily Lasseigne Mandeville
Alternates: Elizabeth Hebert Northshore
  Aubrey Groce Northshore
Soprano 2 Morgan Watts Hammond
  Hope Cassady Mandeville
  Emily Guagliardo Ponchatoula
  Anna Gibson Ponchatoula
  Alexandra Barron Northshore
Alternates: Nicole Johnston Northshore
  Shelby Baltzegar Lakeshore
Alto 1 Kaitlyn Seal Franklinton
  Jessica Gabriel Ponchatoula
  Courtney Jones Hammond
  Hallie Jones Mandeville
  Isabelle Lassere Pearl River
Alternates: Christian Gibbens Ponchatoula
  Emma Kennedy Mandeville
Alto 2 Megan Smith Northshore
  Sierra Bailey Fontainebleau
  Anna Jones Northlake Christian
  Kyarah Golden Hammond
  Emily Hines Ponchatoula
Alternates: Kailyn Naquin Fontainebleau
  Megan Zinna Ponchatoula
Tenor 1 Sidney Polezcek Sumner
  Austin McAndrew Hammond
  Weston Hawkins Ponchatoula
  Noah Williams Ponchatoula
  Daniel Loving Hammond
Tenor 2 Austin Bonfanti Mandeville
  Ian Bairnsfather Mandeville
  Michael Stokes Northshore
  Nick Lytell Mandeville
  Kyle Currie Mandeville
Alternates: Alexander Ibsen Salmen
  Julian Baker Ponchatoula
Bass 1 Victor Flint Fontainebleau
  Henry Vanderbrook Mandeville
  Steven Fisher Northshore
  Nicholas Pucheu Northshore
  David Cocoran Northshore
Alternates: DJ Dickson Fontainebleau
  Cody Jambois Franklinton
Bass 2 Timothy Guillot Northshore
  William Dopp Loranger
  Jeb Kraft Ponchatoula
  Tyler Ybos Northshore
  Xander Schoen Mandeville
Alternates: Kaylon Hawkins Ponchatoula
  Andrew Aceves St. Paul



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