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All-State Orchestra

Please note that, although every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of all information printed here, it is the student’s responsibility to check with his/her director for any changes in audition requirements or schedules.


This page contains specific information about auditioning for All-State Orchestra.

General Information (including a description of ensembles, eligibility, performance location, audition process, and other information) is on an separate page.

Note for winds and percussionists:  Winds and percussionists for the All-State Orchestra will be selected from the students auditioning at the 2nd round for All-State band. Selection is based on the students’ ranked order at that audition. Seniors who are selected to All-State may choose band or orchestra until slots are filled. (A senior’s preference must be submitted by the completion of 1st round auditions.)

Note for harpists and pianists:  Ordinarily one harpist and one or more pianists (as required by the current year’s All-State music) will be selected for membership in the All-State Orchestra, based on the adjudication of the audition recordings.

Audition Dates, Form, Fees, and Locations:

  • Be sure that all students auditioning have the appropriate signatures on the Orchestra Registration Form and turn it in at (or before) the audition.
  • Fill out and turn in the LMEA Student Information Release Form
  • Auditions for strings, harp, and piano will be recorded at the district level and submitted to the state orchestra division chairperson for adjudication. There is no 2nd round audition.
  • Students selected for All-State will be assigned to a part (ex. 1st or 2nd part violin). Auditions for specific chair placement within that part will be held on the day of the first All-State rehearsal. This audition will consist of a section of the All-State music selected by the current year’s All-State Orchestra director. All-State members should receive their music approximately one month before the chair placement audition.

Audition Date:

September 13, 2017

Registration Deadline:

September 1, 2017


Fontainebleau Jr. High


Auditions will begin at 4:00


• $15.00 per audition
• Students - Fees should be paid to the student's school.
• Directors - A single school check, payable to L.M.E.A. District IX, must be mailed by the deadline to: Jessica Lizana, Fontainebleau Jr. High, 100 Hurricane Alley, Mandeville, LA 70471.

Audition Requirements:

See information below


Jessica Lizana


Audition Requirements:

Wind and percussion players will be selected from students auditioning at the 2nd round All-State band auditions. See All-State Band audition requirements for more information.

Strings, piano, and harp – The audition includes scales and prepared selections. Click the appropriate link for Information pertaining to the required scales and prepared selections for string, piano, and harp players who wish to audition.

Scales – Audition scales will rotate on a yearly basis among the following major scales: C, G, D, A, E, F, B-flat, and E-flat. Students may use music to perform scales. Click on the link to access the rotation schedule.

Prepared Selections – Each student auditioning on a string instrument will prepare all audition etudes and possible orchestral excerpts as described in the link.

NOTE: The Orchestra Division Chair may elect to require orchestral excerpts from the upcoming All-State repertoire. If this decision is made, the information on obtaining the repertoire will be posted on the LMEA website by the last Saturday in August.

Students will be adjudicated as follows:

Scales – 30% of score
Prepared selections – 70% of score

Performance evaluation will be based on tone quality, intonation, note accuracy, rhythmic accuracy, bowing, musicality, and appropriateness of tempi.


Audition Results:

Results will be posted on the LMEA website after 2nd round.




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