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All-State Jazz Audition Process

Jazz Audition Process

Students will be required to audition WITH the CD (minus their part) and must supply their own copy of the music. Recordings of the audition accompaniment and a sight-reading selection in a jazz style will be provided for districts (by the state chair) at the audition. 

The actual audition process will be as follows:

Student Enters the room for the recording:
The proctor will ask if the student is ready, then PRESS RECORD on the digital recorder.
Proctor will announce – District # and Audition/Instrument # (Ex. District 9 – Alto Sax #1)
The student then plays IN THIS ORDER:
1.) Scales (as per LMEA All-State requirements)

2.) Prepared Piece 1 – play all (as per LMEA handbook)

3.) Prepared Piece 2 – play all (as per LMEA handbook)

4.) Improv – (as per LMEA handbook)

5.) Sight Reading – (as per LMEA handbook) 
     The proctor will give the student the tempo as listed on the sight reading.

Once the audition is completed, the proctor will PRESS STOP on the recorder.  (The recording process cannot be stopped until ALL of the audition process is completed for an individual so that there is only one (1) track per CD.)

A separate CD will be used for each entry. Label it with the Audition/Instrument # & District # (Ex. Alto Sax #1 – LMEA District #9).


The District Director (or the designated district representative) 

District Directors will mail the following items in a single package to Lee Hicks, Fontainebleau High School, 100 Bulldog Dr., Mandeville, LA 70471 no later than Friday, September 19, 2014 (postmark deadline):

  • A separate CD for each entry, properly labeled (Check to make sure all CDs are playable in a CD player.)
  • A completed, signed audition form from each student auditioning
  • Audition fees for each student
  • A copy of the NAfME/LMEA membership card for each director with students auditioning
  • A master list to identify all Audition #’s, and the entry fees for all auditions.



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