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General Information



There are six All-State ensembles that perform annually during the LMEA conference. Student membership numbers approximately as follows:

Symphonic Band – 60
Concert Band – 80
Mixed Choir – 160
Women’s Chorus – 60
Jazz Ensemble – 20
Orchestra -100


  • Students must be in grades 9 – 12
  • Students’ directors must be current members of LMEA
  • Students must be members of their school’s music ensemble (band, choir, jazz band, or orchestra).
    Note: In a situation where there is no ensemble program in the school (for example, no orchestra), the student must be certified by the LMEA-member music teacher at the school or an LMEA-member private teacher.

Location and Scheduling of All-State Event

The All-State rehearsals and performances are held in Baton Rouge at the Crowne Plaza Executive Center. The ensembles have a staggered rehearsal scheduled beginning with the Choirs on the Thursday before Thanksgiving. Orchestra and Jazz Band begin on Friday.  The Bands begin on Saturday.

For more information, talk to your director or visit the state website, https://www.lmeamusic.org

Audition Process

Band and choir have two levels (rounds) of auditions. Jazz band and orchestra have only a single level of auditions.

1st round audition

  • All band and choir students must participate in this round, held during the first part of September. The specific date and location can be found on our calendar. The top ranking students will be eligible to go to second round. Additional information can be found under the specific ensemble.
  • Jazz band, orchestra strings, and piano auditions will be recorded and submitted to the state chairperson for adjudication. There is no second round for these students. The specific date and location for recording these auditions can be found on the district calendar.

2nd round audition

  • All band and choir students who are selected to go to 2nd round must attend this audition. Audition times are available on the state website or through the District Director. Times will not be changed except for students taking the ACT, provided they have their ACT entry ticket.
  • 2nd round auditions are always held on the second Saturday of October. Their location alternates between Lafayette High and Pineville High. Additional information can be found on the calendar and on the state website.
  • Alternates:  If an alternate becomes eligible to audition at 2nd round, that person will be notified prior to the Saturday audition date. If they are not notified that they are eligible to take an audition slot, they should not attend 2nd round.
  • Note to band students:  If a student is selected for All-State, his/her 2nd round audition score will determine whether he/she will be placed in the Symphonic Band, Concert Band, or Orchestra. (Seniors are allowed to request either band or orchestra.)
  • Note to choir students:  There are different pieces for 1st and 2nd round choir auditions. 2nd round audition scores will determine whether sopranos/altos will be placed in the Mixed Choir or the Women’s Chorus.
  • Note to orchestra strings:  Students selected for All-State will be assigned to a part (ex. 1st or 2nd violin). Auditions for specific chair placement within that part will be held on the day of the first All-State rehearsal. Students will play a section of the All-State music, which will be sent to the All-State members.
  • Note to jazz students:  If a student is auditioning for jazz band and also is eligible to go to 2nd round for any ensemble, the student must indicate their first choice for an ensemble when they submit their jazz audition. Although this will not affect a student’s eligibility for an ensemble, if a student’s preferred ensemble is jazz band and that student is selected for jazz band, that student will be placed in the ensemble and will be no longer be eligible to go to 2nd round.

All Other Information

For specific information about registration deadline, fees, chairperson, or audition material, click on the appropriate link (Band, Choir, Jazz Band, Orchestra).


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