LMEA District IX

providing growth opportunities for the district's music programs

2015-16 Jr. High District Honor Choir


Congratulations to all!

Check with your director for the deadline to turn in the participation fee and form.



Mia Bergeron Boyet Jr. High
Aubrey Bethay Archbishop Hannan High
Trevelynn Boersma Creekside Jr. High
Lillie Brown Pitcher Jr. High
Caitlyn Christy Mandeville High
Xl Cole-McWilliams Boyet Jr. High
Kelsey Cousin Boyet Jr. High
Madi DeJean Mandeville Jr. High
Julia Ernst Archbishop Hannan High
Porsha Guidroz Madisonville Jr. High
Ramie Gunn Boyet Jr. High
Kate Hankins Fontainebleau Jr. High
Christen Helton Franklinton Jr. High
Brooke Jamison Clearwood Jr. High
Madison King Madisonville Jr. High
Scarlett Lemoine Slidell Jr. High
Juliette LeRay Holy Ghost Catholic School
Elizabeth Lewis Archbishop Hannan High
Alexia Mason Franklinton Jr. High
Billi McPherson Slidell Jr. High
Haley Miles Creekside Jr. High
Madison Moore Madisonville Jr. High
Lillian Powell Madisonville Jr. High
Taelor Rahn Madisonville Jr. High
Asya Reimonenq Fontainebleau Jr. High
Katie Rice Montleone Jr. High
Monet Richson Pitcher Jr. High
Kierra Roberts Pitcher Jr. High
Mackenzie Root SLU Lab School
Sarah Schexnayder Madisonville Jr. High
Madison Stewart Franklinton Jr. High
Rebekah Swede SLU Lab School
Camille Talbot Fontainebleau Jr. High
Kaia Vanacor Fontainebleau Jr. High
Corrin Wallace Franklinton Jr. High
Madison Warner Boyet Jr. High
Tamilya Warren Franklinton Jr. High
Jhene Williams Franklinton Jr. High
Cameron Wilson Mandeville Jr. High
Pearl Winters Mandeville Jr. High
Kathryn-Patricia Woodworth Holy Ghost Catholic School
Makayla Zeigler Madisonville Jr. High


Michaela Adamson Franklinton Jr. High
Ashton Bahm Franklinton Jr. High
Makayla Bateman Madisonville Jr. High
Lucy Bateman Franklinton Jr. High
Layla Bell Franklinton Jr. High
Isabel Bertacci Pitcher Jr. High
Emma Biondolillo Fontainebleau Jr. High
Kaleigh Boone Franklinton Jr. High
Zayn Boothe Mandeville Jr. High
Amelia Bretz Fontainebleau Jr. High
Betsy Cook Christ Episcopal School
Adriana Crawford Fontainebleau Jr. High
Chlie Dement Franklinton Jr. High
D’Juan Dingwall Pitcher Jr. High
Kelsey Fife Slidell Jr. High
Kinley Glass Madisonville Jr. High
Farrah Glover Monteleone Jr. High
Madison Gray Madisonville Jr. High
Shani Griffin Mandeville High
Chloe Harless Mandeville High
Miracle James Pitcher Jr. High
Hannah Juneau Slidell Jr. High
Madeline Kelly Fontainebleau Jr. High
Shae King Franklinton Jr. High
Anna Lee Creekside Jr. High
Caleigh Marek Mandeville High
Emily Marin Boyet Jr. High
Ella Millet Mandeville Jr. High
Abigail Mims Creekside Jr. High
Isabel Pelaez Madisonville Jr. High
Katelynn Peltier Boyet Jr. High
A’Nyree Phillips Mandeville High
Anna Rice Monteleone Jr. High
Katherine Rolinski Fontainebleau Jr. High
Hailey Rose Mandeville High
Doriana Roy Slidell Jr. High
Alyssa Schexnayder Mandeville High
Anastasia Shultz Pitcher Jr. High
Arasia Thompson Mandeville High
Morgan Warren Fontainebleau Jr. High
Bridget Watson Madisonville Jr. High
Kaitlyn Woodward Franklinton Jr. High


Coyt Bailey Holy Ghost Catholic School
Chris Barron Boyet Jr. High
Alexander Bertoniere Franklinton Jr. High
Sean Bowman Franklinton Jr. High
Joshua Brumfield Franklinton Jr. High
Nicholas D’arcangelo Pitcher Jr. High
D’Juan Dingwall Pitcher Jr. High
Ethan Dovico Mandeville High
Ryan Inman Pitcher Jr. High
James Jones Franklinton Jr. High
Nicholas Ordoyne Franklinton Jr. High
Arland Papiska Franklinton Jr. High
Emmanuel Parker Clearwood Jr. High
Charlie Vonier Fontainebleau Jr. High
Isaiah White Pitcher Jr. High
Daniel Zechenelly Creekside Jr. High
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