LMEA District IX

providing growth opportunities for the district's music programs

2015-16 Elementary District Honor Choir


Congratulations to all!


Check with your director for the deadline to turn in the participation fee and form.


Aiden  Evans  Bonne Ecole
Mia  Johnson  Bonne Ecole
Jaiden  Mitchell Bonne Ecole
Chloe  Stapleton  Bonne Ecole
Korrin Ross Chesbrough Elementary
Elizabeth Burris Christ Episcopal 
Cassie Covey Christ Episcopal 
Shelby Marie LaSalle  Christ Episcopal 
Amelia Kate Thompson  Christ Episcopal 
Gabriella Huckabee Clearwood Junior High
Kayla Inman Clearwood Junior High
Amanda Krinsky Clearwood Junior High
Letrece McCoy Clearwood Junior High
Haylie Prestwood Clearwood Junior High
Allison White Clearwood Junior High
Abbygail Davis Creekside Junior
Ryan Evans Creekside Junior
Christopher Koch Creekside Junior
Lilith Lodge Creekside Junior
Gabriella Core Folsom Elementary
Fern Dowd Folsom Elementary
Rebekah Nave Folsom Jr. High
Chloe Shoultz Folsom Jr. High
Thaleia Dufrene Hammond Eastside Magnet
Ragan Hoover Holy Ghost Catholic
Nicholas Pevey Holy Ghost Catholic
Madison Sedberry Holy Ghost Catholic
Alana Fussell Jewel Sumner Middle 
Annie  Fornaris Lake Harbor Middle 
Caitlyn Hern Lake Harbor Middle 
Kaylie Lopez Lake Harbor Middle 
Riley Kittrell Madisonville Jr. High
Averie Olin Madisonville Jr. High
Kylie Pearson Madisonville Jr. High
Mia Pittman Madisonville Jr. High
Ivana Tirado Madisonville Jr. High
Abigail Williams Madisonville Jr. High
Sofia Antonio Mandeville Middle
Rachel Arnold Mandeville Middle
Alisha Cagle Mandeville Middle
Lillian Foster Mandeville Middle
Brooklyn Hahn Mandeville Middle
Vivian Hale Mandeville Middle
Adriana Harley Mandeville Middle
Sameen Hossain Mandeville Middle
Kaitlen Lloyd Mandeville Middle
Grace Martinez Mandeville Middle
Mariah Middleton Mandeville Middle
Abigail Molier Mandeville Middle
Emma Navarro Mandeville Middle
Braden Neal Mandeville Middle
Paris Raschke Mandeville Middle
Cadence Renfro Mandeville Middle
Grace Romano Mandeville Middle
Sophia Rossignol Mandeville Middle
Sydney Stevenson Mandeville Middle
Amaya Wells Mandeville Middle
Abigail Ashcraft Mayfield Elementary
Layla Fuzy Mayfield Elementary
Olivia Landry Mayfield Elementary
Kiera Voisey Mayfield Elementary
Hollie Davenport Riverside Elementary
Caleigh Evans Riverside Elementary
Cadence Jackson Riverside Elementary
Hannah Labiche Riverside Elementary
Morgan Martinez Riverside Elementary
Bryndon Moody Riverside Elementary
Elizabeth Munguia Riverside Elementary
Elyse Nave Riverside Elementary
Tyler Spiehler Riverside Elementary
Gareth Brown Southeastern Laboratory 
Hannah Brown Southeastern Laboratory 
Conrad Hollander Southeastern Laboratory 
Selene Baham Spring Creek Elementary
Jaime Travis Spring Creek Elementary
Lauren Waller Spring Creek Elementary
Garrison Allen Tchefunte Middle
Alianna Badeaux Tchefunte Middle
Chloe Barach Tchefunte Middle
Anna Bouton Tchefunte Middle
Camellia Bouvier Tchefunte Middle
Kaylee Coco Tchefunte Middle
Corryn Davis Tchefunte Middle
Roger DeJean Tchefunte Middle
Alexis Franklin Tchefunte Middle
Marni Fullington Tchefunte Middle
Liliana Geier Tchefunte Middle
Ivana Guidry Tchefunte Middle
Katie Ingram Tchefunte Middle
MaKayla James Tchefunte Middle
Maryn James Tchefunte Middle
Kendall Jourdan Tchefunte Middle
Reid Jourdan Tchefunte Middle
Shannon Kelley Tchefunte Middle
Allie Lemmond Tchefunte Middle
Elaine Maddox Tchefunte Middle
Evelyn Rooney Tchefunte Middle
Taylor Sledge Tchefunte Middle
Kirsten Thibodeaux Tchefunte Middle
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